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SST and the good oil for spray adjuvants

SST Australia’s Kwickin Spray Adjuvant is a high-quality esterified oil-based adjuvant made from a blend of Australian canola oil and non-ionic surfactants.

It is suitable for use as a spray adjuvant with a wide range of agricultural pesticides, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, defoliants and desiccants where oil-based spray adjuvants are specified on the pesticide label.

Developed and registered in the 1990s, SST national sales manager Mike Cobden – said Kwickin has been manufactured in Melbourne by SST Australia since 1997 and is extensively supported by many herbicide manufacturers and has a successful record of sound and reliable performance.

“Kwickin provides an enhanced performance when compared with mineral oil or vegetable oil-based adjuvants and under cold conditions (less than 10 Degrees Celsius),

“Kwickin is preferred to other crop oil adjuvants when used with certain herbicides as recommended on their label.”

Kwickin is manufactured using only Australian canola oil and all of the surfactant components are produced from food crops, meaning that Kwickin is free of any synthetic surfactants such as Nonyl Phenol which Mr Cobden said was now banned in many parts of the world.

“Kwickin is the safe choice where an esterified oil is recommended and is the preferred option by many agronomists and end users because it is soft on crops and is thus less damaging to crops than most other esterified oils and petroleum oils,”

“SST Australia has never sought to change the raw material inputs for inferior or less sustainable sources like palm oil, ensuring that the characteristics of the performance of Kwickin are never compromised, giving peace of mind for the end users.”

According to its makers, Kwickin is a highly biodegradable yet highly-penetrating oil and the outstanding wax solubility and penetration characteristics of Kwickin enhance pesticide uptake through the waxy cuticle of the plant leaf.

Mr Cobden said the unique combination of surfactants and oils in Kwickin assisted contact with the cuticle interface through better coverage and droplet spread.

“Kwickin will also help reduce losses from spray drift as less driftable droplets are produced, ensuring that more of the pesticide hits the target, which enhances pesticide availability and absorption by the plant,” he said.

“Kwickin also helps reduce spray droplet evaporation once the droplets have reached their target.”

Its makers recommend Kwickinis is suitable to be used in cold water because it mixes with pesticides better than most mineral oil adjuvants in cold water.

Article written by SST Australia for Seasons magazine. 

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