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Stress damage –what’s it doing to your yield?

As farmers we all aim to achieve the highest yield possible.

In Australia year on year we face challenges with crop constraints due to soil conditions, lack of moisture, too much moisture, excessive heat, varied temperatures, and weed management. This is always a balancing act for any farmer in any industry. With these varied conditions, this can trigger changes in the balance of plant hormones, which can irreversibly reduce yield and quality. However the correct nutrition program can support crops to keep growing throughout these stress events. Whether your crop is broadacre, horticulture, or tree and vine, Stoller’s plant nutrition solutions can help to reduce the stress impacts.

When plants are stressed they generate an excess of a gas called ethylene, which regulates hormone movement throughout the plant. Ethylene is essential for cells to function but when cells are under stress, the oversupply of ethylene can cause premature cell death and plant damage. Stoller’s Integrated Nutrient Solutions will help protect a variety of crops against the harmful effects of ethylene in frost recovery, heat stress and herbicide stress by restoring nutrient status and normal plant growth.

Stoller’s seed treatment solutions can help:

  • crops emerge quicker
  • improve early plant growth
  • enhance root development
  • increase nutrient uptake
  • improve stress tolerance.

Stoller have demonstrated nutritional vigour increases and additional tiller density in cereal crops. With farmers using the grain and graze model in high rainfall zones, this early tillering has allowed them to carry higher stock numbers before locking the paddock up for hay or grain. Our liquid nutrition will promote healthy root growth, fast and healthy top growth, and uniformity in crops. Bio-Forge seed treatments have been used to aid in seedling establishment. When crops are under pressure from compacted soils, insect attack, and weed competition, the ability to help young crops to establish is critical for any farming enterprise.

Applications of Stoller’s Integrated Solutions as a foliar spray will allow your crop to be better managed and help with plant nutrition during the growing season. For horticulture and tree and vine crops that have received higher levels of stress, Stoller’s Stress Program, which incorporate Bio-Forge, Foli-Zyme, and WL Zinc Chelate, aims to maintain the genetic potential of plants, improve growth, and increase yield. The plant has direct access to the nutrient applied through the leaf surface which rectifies traditional nutrient tie up in specific soils. This is especially helpful for solanaceous vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes as they come into the emergence and growth stage.

Increase in Bio-Forge usage throughout the viticulture and tree crop industry has been something of a revelation to these industries. Most notably has been its effect on frost recovery in vines, allowing for new shoot growth and reduced yield damage. We have seen many Australian farmers utilise this program over the past 25 years with substantial plant recovery from harsh conditions.

With Australian weather conditions we are having to deal with higher stress load in the growing season. Many farmers are utilizing our stress program to help respond to damage but this comes with its shortfalls. If farmers are not prepared for upcoming stress events, then their potential crop loss can be substantial. Stoller Australia is addressing the time challenges that all farmers face by recommending the incorporation of Bio-Forge, Foli-Zyme, and WL Zinc Chelate as part of their crop maintenance program. By being proactive rather than reactive in the application of our Stress Program, this is an added insurance for farmers’ crops.

Stoller Australia’s Lead Technical Officer, Emily Rudd, has conducted an extensive number of trials on Bio-Forge and Stoller’s Stress Program.

“Bio-Forge, especially when used in conjunction with our Stress Program, is a powerful tool in aiding crops to reach their maximum potential. I’ve seen it help growers across a variety of crops around Australia to support their crop against stress events and receive maximum return on investment.”  – Emily Rudd, Lead Technical Officer, Stoller Australia.

Article written by Stoller for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine.

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