Successful trials lead to overseas opportunities for Albury’s Desi Toohey - Elders Rural Services

Successful trials lead to overseas opportunities for Albury’s Desi Toohey

Elders Albury’s Chris (Desi) Toohey is soon to embark on an international study tour as a result of his extension work trialling new herbicides. Hosted by Syngenta, the study tour will take the group to Alberta, Canada, a state with a significant footprint in Canada’s large agriculture industry.

The tour will enable Desi to gain insight into one of the largest agriculture industries in the world, and see first-hand the work they are doing to adapt to the challenges facing the sector.

“A major challenge in my role and our industry, is to be able to adapt quickly to change and adopt new practices and products in time to alter the outcome of  weed control, weed seed set and promote best management practices and resistance management,” says Desi.

“By staying engaged in what our international counterparts are doing, I think we are better equipped to face future challenges and implement new technology at home.”

Desi is known within his district and the wider industry for his trial site involvement and engagement with clients at field days, and says that recent commercial demonstrations with Syngenta’s Talinor, have produced some huge advantages in weed control.

“Particularly with resistant wild radish to groups B, F and I chemistry, the product adds great flexibility to the post emergent spray programme. It has added value in that it controls 36 broadleaf weeds and volunteers including Capeweed, Shepherds Purse, Sow Thistle, Erodium, Patterson’s curse and Volunteer legumes.”

“I’ve had fantastic feedback all round from clients. Many have commented on the performance and flexibility it adds to the spray program, and that they’re happy to be adding a new product to their broadleaf weed repertoire.”

Head of Technical Services, Graham Page, says that while many agronomists in the industry don’t always adopt new products and technologies straight away, Desi is committed to investigating what he can improve on each season, and providing opportunities for clients to better their enterprise improving profitability and long-term sustainability.

“Desi is a great operator who is trusted by his clients. They have confidence in his abilities and a willingness to try new things at his suggestion,” says Mr Page.

“In this instance, the trials have paid off and we’ve been able to link technical knowledge through a strategic crop management plan with a product that can produce real results.”