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Managing the growth of ewe weaners

Elders livestock production coordinator, Rob Inglis recently unveiled the results of a trial, looking specifically at what are the long-term effects of the weight of…



Flystrike in sheep – act now to reduce risk

The recent rainfall in most parts of Australia and rising temperatures as we head towards spring mean this season is likely to bring with it…



Hoof care and managing pain in lame cattle

As the weather continues to cool into winter and change of seasons brings wetter conditions hoof care and managing hoof pain in lame cattle once…

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Dual-active cattle drench – a game-changer for cattle producers

Research has found a dual-active moxidectin and levamisole cattle drench resulted in steers that were 11 kilograms heavier than untreated animals and 8kg heavier over…

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Pre-lambing health for ewes

Lambing time is upon us in south-eastern Australia, so it’s time to start thinking about options for pre-lambing to make sure you are preparing your…


Play hard ball on brucellosis and Barbers Pole

With many flocks in the rebuild phase, now is the time to check ram testicles, pasture quality, take action to minimise Barbers Pole and plan for transitions to…

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Pre-calving and pre-lambing nutrition for ewes and cows

Now is an important time for breeders to carefully manage nutrition to to ensure less difficulties with lambing/calving, lower mortality rates, and ultimately higher marking…

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Gallagher animal performance software

Gallagher Animal Performance Software is sending on-farm decision making sky high with a new cloud-based solution. This month, Gallagher releases the latest addition to their…

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Routine check the turning point for cattle station

A meeting to discuss feed tactics proved to be a turning point for a West Australian cattle station. With the property in the grip of severe drought, the station’s owners had called in Thomas Elder…

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Rain + warmth + grass = pests and parasites (win a Polaris)

What a welcome change in the weather patterns that La Nina have brought across most of the country, delivering significant rain events turning the countryside…

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It’s time to take a stand against resistant sheep lice

Animal health advisors are urged to encourage sheep and wool producers to adopt effective rotation programs to maintain the efficacy of all available sheep lousicides.…

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Genomic gains and farming management efficiencies in livestock dna testing

Livestock genomics or genetic testing has significantly evolved over the past decade, as a result of advances in scientific research into herd genomics, DNA testing…

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