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Winter weight management for young livestock

The management of weaners, particularly ewe and heifer weaners, is often neglected in dry seasons, having profound implications on future reproductive performance. Leading into winter,…

Animal Health, Cattle, Farm Supplies, Sheep


Copper injection set to improve health of sheep

Livestock benefit significantly from supplementation of trace minerals during critical times such as before joining, after transport, and at weaning, due to increased demands of…

Farm Supplies, Sheep

Don’t sit on the fence this end of financial year

The benefits of sound and effective fencing go well beyond containment of livestock. A good fencing system also protects valuable pastures and crops from feral…

Farm Supplies

Effectively control rats and mice this season

Rodent protection is a major issue this season, with higher than usual numbers predicted across eastern and southern Australia threatening to impact crops on a…

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