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Queensland’s new reef regulations – what you need to know

You’d be hard pressed finding a Queensland farmer who doesn’t love the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a symbol of sorts – grand, beautiful, one of a kind, with an emotional…

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Brand new classes of pre-emergents overcome resistance

Pre-emergent herbicides are on the menu for croppers right now and the good news is that there’s a suite of new chemistry available this season,…

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All Clear DS – save your farm unwanted damage

The wet conditions in the first half of summer means there may be fallow spraying over the next month or two. Get ready for autumn…

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Overwatch® Herbicide

Overwatch® Herbicide from Agricultural Sciences Company FMC is a pre-emergent herbicide option for the control of Annual ryegrass and control and suppression of a wide range of other grass and broadleaf weeds…

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Winter crop nutrition for 2021

By August 2020, after a number of below average seasons and in many areas no crop at all, the winter crop yield potential in many…

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Mycorrhizae fungi inoculation lifts broadacre crop yields

Modern agricultural practices, particularly in our broadacre grain production systems are often detrimental to key aspects of soil health. Improved agronomics and genetics over recent…

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The latest chelation system improves crop nutrient uptake

Chelated trace element applications are critical to maximise winter crop yield and it’s important to know how to get the best return on your investment…

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Stamina grazing tolerant lucerne with true grazing tolerance

When identifying lucerne cultivars for true grazing tolerance, ensure you choose cultivars that are evaluated here in Australia under the internationally recognised Standard Test Protocol…

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Mice plague slices a third off central Queensland crops

A mice plague has arrived in central Queensland and is set to slash yields by a third according to agronomists, worsening the prospects for farmers…

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Kill-all no cure-all for fall armyworm

Australia’s voracious new pest, the fall armyworm, is rapidly spreading south and a leading front-line industry advisor says while drastic extermination measures often fail, a…

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Recovery and rehabilitation for your land after bushfire

This summer’s bushfires have had a significant impact on soil, pastures, crops, weeds and water supplies across the country. As we begin to rebuild and…

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BASF Sharpen for knocking down broadleaf weeds this season

Agronomist: Mick Marchant – Elders Young Product: BASF Sharpen Crop Situation: Knockdown Weeds controlled:  Wireweed Fleabane Milkthistle Melons Ryegrass Brew: 1L/100L            Hasten 1.8L/ha            …

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