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Get a better return on investment with Waratah fencing

When you mention the word ‘fencing’, most people immediately think, ‘significant upfront cost and no long-term benefit’. But it needn’t be that way. With good…

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Cyclone fence droppers – simple, fast and economical

Cyclone continue to be a trusted, recognised and respected name in rural Australia, providing customers with quality, affordable steel products. Cyclone fence droppers are no…

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Upgrade your properties biosecurity with Waratah fencing solutions

A well-built fence could be all that you need to solve your biosecurity, animal health and grazing pressure concerns. If you’re finding your conventional timber…

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New Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer aids in pasture renovation

A compact, light and fast-charging fence energiser from Gallagher will make it easier to protect new pastures this season. “Autumn is the perfect time for…

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Lots of grunt to the 46 Joule Energizer

Kerry and Tracy Tristram have been farming on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island for the last 17 years. Kerry and Tracey milk…

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Secure your boundaries from external pests & disease with Waratah fencing solutions

Reducing the bio security risks associated with feral and wild animals is an essential step in managing your farming enterprise. Scott Balsille’s property in St…

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How arrowquip facilitates easier livestock handling

All of Arrowquip’s products are designed, manufactured, and sold, with the purpose of making handling animals easier, quicker, and safer. We approach this a number…

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From Burra to Africa: Building fences across international borders

Selling fencing products is part of what Elders Burra Merchandise Manager Nick Brooks does every day; but selling fencing products to a client in Africa…

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