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Bacstim and Rhizovator – a winning combination

Bio stimulants have gained positive traction over the recent years with great results coming from their use. The use of over-promised sales tactics has however,…

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Fertiliser choice helps reduce on-farm carbon emissions

Australian farmers can help to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions simply by electing to use quality nitrate fertilisers that have a known carbon footprint. Globally,…

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Build your soil health to maximise fertiliser returns

Australian growers invest significant sums on nutrition for their crops each year. With current record fertiliser prices, even more consideration is being given to rates…

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Guaranteed quality for better results

Leading global fertiliser manufacturer, Yara Crop Nutrition has rebranded its water-soluble calcium nitrate YaraLiva CALCINIT into the YaraTera range of quality products. Yara Crop Nutrition…

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Quality has its own rewards

Choosing a quality NPK fertiliser will deliver a range of benefits far beyond its chemical composition, including improved distribution, uptake and nutritional efficiency. Yara crop…

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Reduce your carbon footprint with quality nitrate fertilisers

Yara can help farmers reduce their carbon footprint by utilising environmentally friendly production methods for nitrate based fertilisers. Yara crop nutrition commercial director – Australia…

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A green future for nitrate fertilisers

Global fertiliser giant, Yara, is banking on ‘green’ ammonia in its bid to slash its carbon footprint by 30 per cent within a decade and…

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How post-emergence nutrition affects broadacre crops

Post-emergence in broadacre crops is a critical time to set up crops for flowering, pollination, and harvest. Plants undergo extreme growth at this time, which…

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ProGibb SG fills the winter feed gap

One of the biggest issues facing livestock producers is keeping stock fed during the winter feed gap. Pasture depletion during cooler weather and cold soil…

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Elders agronomists Darren Pech, Peter Watt

US study tour for Elders agronomists

Elders has provided two of its leading agronomists with the opportunity to further their crop nutrition knowledge on an international study tour.

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Elders, Ben Sudlow, James Cornish, pink shirt, CSBP

Elders and CSBP reach agreement

CSBP and Elders today announced an agreement for Elders to distribute fertiliser as a CSBP agent.

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