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Cropping market – December update

At a glance Wet weather has led to yield loss in canola and an expectation of downgraded wheat and barley. Summer weeds are beginning to…



Cattle market – November update

At a glance National trade steer prices eased to 531 c/kg lwt, 2 per cent (pc) lower than this time last month. Restocker demand is…


Sheep market – October update

At a glance Yarding numbers in Victoria are lagging the rest of the country due to a late spring. Trade lamb prices have persisted at…

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Cattle market – October update

At a glance National trade steer prices reach a new two year high of 543 c/kg lwt, 5 per cent (pc) higher than last month.…

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Elders Stud Stock QLD team at the Yarrawonga Santa Gertrudis bull sale.

Bidders, Winners and Records – September livestock update

Stud sales across the country are coming in hot this month, with buyers looking to invest in quality genetics going into 2022. We review some…

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Cropping market – September update

At a glance Wheat exports from Australia are forecast to increase by 21.3pc in 2021/22 according to a revised USDA estimate. Diseases to look out…



Water trading update – week ending 10 September 2021

Rainfall was widespread across much of the Murray Darling Basin (MDB) for the first week of September with the highest totals recorded  across the upper…

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Sheep market – September update

At a glance Yarding numbers on the rise as spring supply increases putting pressure on high prices. The prospect of a wet spring on top…



Cattle market – September update

At a glance National trade steer prices reach a two year high of 527 c/kg lwt, 31 per cent (pc) higher than this time last…

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Prices cotton onto future supply and demand equation

At a glance World cotton production is forecast to increase by 5.7 per cent (pc) in 2021-22. Australian cotton production tipped to increase by 57pc…



Eastern Cattle Market: Are we looking at more records this season?

“How high can this go?” This is the question on every livestock stakeholder’s mind this month as the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) reached 950s…



Grains are about to get exciting

I love this time of year. It is not only that we have everything ahead of us in Australia, but it’s also when the grain…

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