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Need a fence? Waratah can help

Waratah offer some of the most common livestock and feral exclusion fence designs used across Australia today. No matter what you’re trying to fence in/out,…

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Cyclone – your complete gate fitting solution

Cyclone is a well-recognised and trusted brand that has been serving rural Australia for over 100 years. Cyclone lead the market with a wide and…

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Gallagher animal performance software

Gallagher Animal Performance Software is sending on-farm decision making sky high with a new cloud-based solution. This month, Gallagher releases the latest addition to their…

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Overwatch® Herbicide

Overwatch® Herbicide from Agricultural Sciences Company FMC is a pre-emergent herbicide option for the control of Annual ryegrass and control and suppression of a wide range of other grass and broadleaf weeds…

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Routine check the turning point for cattle station

A meeting to discuss feed tactics proved to be a turning point for a West Australian cattle station. With the property in the grip of severe drought, the station’s owners had called in Thomas Elder…

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Rain + warmth + grass = pests and parasites (win a Polaris)

What a welcome change in the weather patterns that La Nina have brought across most of the country, delivering significant rain events turning the countryside…

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It’s time to take a stand against resistant sheep lice

Animal health advisors are urged to encourage sheep and wool producers to adopt effective rotation programs to maintain the efficacy of all available sheep lousicides.…

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Effective snail control starts now in Vines

Many grape growers have had a long battle with snails this season. Last autumn through to spring, conditions were ideal for snail breeding in vineyards…

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Lots of grunt to the 46 Joule Energizer

Kerry and Tracy Tristram have been farming on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island for the last 17 years. Kerry and Tracey milk…

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Sustained selenium supplementation in cattle & sheep

Sustained selenium supplementation supports good health, productivity and profitability in cattle and sheep. Many parts of Australia including much of coastal southern Australia and up…

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Growing the future

The next generation of agronomists are in their first weeks at Elders, carrying on a 181-year tradition. While we have a solid team of technical…

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A persistent alternative to perennial ryegrass

A growing number of graziers from the New England Tablelands to Victoria’s dairy country and across Australia are switching to Hummer tall fescue because it…

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