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A forage barley variety to fill feed gaps

S&W Seed Company’s Kraken forage barley is an early maturing forage barley variety that displays excellent growth during the winter months. Suited to most grazing…

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close-up- healthy-manta-italian-ryegrass

Manta Italian ryegrass is ready to grow

Thanks to new genetics, Manta Italian ryegrass is available in 2022 to give farmers a step up in pasture production. Hamish Best, Product Development Manager…

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Add value to perennial pastures with nitrogen fixed from legumes

Legumes have always been a valuable addition to perennial pastures. Considering nitrogen prices have skyrocketed over the past 12 months, this is now true more…

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Q31 lucerne, for superior chaff

Q31 lucerne, from S&W Seed Company, has proved to be a superior option for chaff producer Danny McShane, of Bagdad, north of Hobart, Tasmania. For…

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Liberty grain sorghum brings satisfying results in the south

I’m a beef producer, not a crop irrigator. Such is the sentiment of beef producer Andy Watson, that any crops he does grow to feed…

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The King Kong of tropical grasses: Mekong Briz

Mekong Briz™(antha brachiaria) is a highly productive, long term pasture option for central, coastal and northern Queensland. It provides growers with weed suppression, outstanding dry…

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Millie Moore territory manager, inspecting the new S&W Overland production seed paddock at Ivan Schulz farm in Bordertown SA.

With S&W forage cereals, the winter feed gap is filled

Forage cereals play a major role in filling the ‘winter feed gap’ when the growth of summer pasture slows in the north, during the cooler…

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Ecotain® boosts lambing percentages

Just weeks into its first winter, a new forage herb product is already showing its potential for improving lambing percentages and productivity, as well as…

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Increase your liveweight production per hectare with Pallaton Raphno®

Pallaton provides feed when farmers need it most by bridging the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep, and dairy. Pallaton is a raphanobrassica, a hybrid…

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Spring sowing – forage brassicas

A growing number of producers are taking advantage of forage brassicas to fill seasonal feed gaps and provide a high-quality, economical feed option for their…

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Get to know your lucerne breeder

S&W’s global lucerne-breeding program is heavily focused on producing high forage and seed yielding varieties, with high resistance across the pest and disease profiles. The…



Managing winter cereal crops for maximum performance

With most regions of Australia experiencing good seasonal conditions heading into winter, management of autumn-sown forage and dual-purpose cereal grazing crops to fill winter feed…

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