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Taking ag education by the horns

Helping children understand the role agriculture plays in sustainable communities is not an easy task.

Surveys of students has shown that there is a disconnect between the food in the supermarket and the industries that produce it. However, in the far-north Queensland town of Innisfail, education about Australia’s agricultural industries is alive and well.

A head-turning fibreglass cow has been used to assist students at the Innisfail State College to exploring the farming industries throughout the local region. Affectionally named ‘Guyji’ which translates to ‘determined to do the right thing’, the bull was the school’s entry in the Archibull Prize and winner of the 2020 Allan Eagle Memorial Award for Community Engagement.

For Elders Innisfail agronomist, James Dunn, an invitation to speak to local students about his work and career as part of the program was a welcomed offer to play his part in the educational process.

“My passion in life is agriculture,” said Mr Dunn.

“I believe it is important to contribute toward teaching the next generation about farming,”

“Sparking that interest starts in the classroom, so I was thrilled to be a part of the program in my own way.”

The Elders Innisfail branch became part of the Picture You in Agriculture (PYiA) program last year when an Archibull Prize entry, then a blank canvass, was housed at the branch before moving to the local school.

Then known as “Archie” the bull found a home at Elders Innisfail branch before moving to the local school.

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