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Target sheep repro: a ground breaking sheep reproduction program

With favourable seasonal conditions, sheep producers across Australia are busy rebuilding their flocks.

The MLA predicted that by June 2021, the national flock size will have increased to 67.3 million1. With such a focus, the importance of ewe fertility and fecundity and lamb survival is more crucial than ever. For the first time, Virbac is proud to introduce the Target Sheep Repro Program, a unique animal health program that has been demonstrated to improve ewe fertility and fecundity and lamb survival through a dual mode of action.

The Target Sheep Repro Program consists of two products unique to animal health:

  1. Ovastim – a reproductive vaccine that results in ewes releasing more eggs. Ovastim has been shown to increase lambing rates by an average of 23 per cent.2
  2. Multimin for Sheep – a trace mineral injection that supports embryo survival and lamb health. Multimin treatment has been shown to result in an average of nine per cent more lambs marked that were 2.3 kg heavier at weaning.3

When paired together, as part of a comprehensive animal health program, both products work together to help producers see:

  • more lambs per ewe joined
  • more multiples and fewer singles
  • healthier lambs and improved welfare
  • healthier lambs at sale.

The Target Sheep Repro Program will be suitable for progressive sheep producers who scan their ewes and look for products that can dramatically increase the number of lambs per ewe.

Principal consultant at Agrivet Business, Dr Graham Lean has investigated the financial impact Multimin and Ovastim can have on a sheep enterprise.

“It was no surprise that the use of Ovastim was likely to be massively profitable,” he said.

“Using Ovastim in a typical prime lamb flock may result in a profit of about $18/ewe in today’s market. Meanwhile, using a Multimin program can result in a staggering $43/ewe extra profit”.

“Make hay while the sun shines,” says Dr George Cox, sheep veterinarian at Virbac. “Producers that manage multiple bearing ewes well can achieve optimal reproductive performance with their current ewes by using the two products.”

“These two products are a fantastic combination because they complement each other really well,” stated Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas, nutritionist and veterinarian at Virbac.

“While Ovastim increases the number of eggs per ovulation cycle increasing the chance of twins, Multimin improves the antioxidant status and the immune system helping to protect those embryos, ensuring they make it to term and result in the birth of healthy lambs”

Article written by Virbac for Seasons magazine. 

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Benefits outlined by the above scientific trials are not necessarily registered label claims.

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