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Test drive WA’s latest weed control options

Are you interested in grass and broadleaf weed control? Elders and our suppliers are running trial sites across Western Australia so that growers can assess the performance of new technology.

Learn more about them below.

Hines Hill Technology Site

The eastern wheatbelt site at Hines Hill is run in conjunction with the MADFIG (Merredin and Districts Farm Improvement Group) and investigates chemical options for the control of grass weeds and broadleaf weeds in wheat.

The grass weed site introduces new products such as Overwatch, Luximax and Mateno Complete and the value of the Clearfield system. Similarly, the broadleaf site hosts new pre-emergent broadleaf weed controls. Both sites encourage discussion of chemical rotation and stewardship.

Some canola seed has been spread over the Hines Hill site prior to sowing to demonstrate the control of volunteer canola. GM canola is a major crop and growers need to equipped to control it in subsequent years.

Wickepin Technology Site

The technology site at Wickepin involves four different trials:

1.       Truflex/Clearfield canola

2.       Oat broadleaf control

3.       Barley broadleaf control

4.       Grass weed control in wheat.

Truflex/Clearfield canola

This site highlights the importance of having a knockdown in the GM canola cropping system in WA, even though a genuine knockdown before sowing is not possible every year. Using Roundup Ready/Truflex canola gives growers an opportunity to sow the crop then come back with a glyphosate spray following crop emergence.

In many paddocks, canola is excluded by residues that may exist from previous Clearfield crops. The stacked Clearfield Truflex varieties allow growers to use this crop in their rotation. There is also the option of using the Clearfield/Imi products.

To avoid the overuse of glyphosate, products like Tenet, Overwatch and Rustler, that can reduce weed burdens before its application will be demonstrated.

Oat broadleaf control

Oats are an important crop in many WA areas, including the Wickepin Technology Site where registered options for broadleaf control will be explored.

Barley broadleaf control

There are more options for the control of broadleaf weeds in barley and this trial will test some of the new pre-emergent chemicals.

Grass weed control in wheat

The deluge of new technology for grass control in wheat can be confusing, so this trial will help to demystify some of the options and how they can fit in current systems. This trial is sown with a Clearfield wheat to explore how it affects other decisions in the rotation.

Cranbrook Technology Site

At Cranbrook, a site is focused on grass weed control in barley so growers in WA’s high rainfall zone can better integrate a high-performing grass pasture into a cropping program.

the farrows at the Cranbrook trial site

For more information about the Elders technology sites, and for help with weed control, contact your local branch.

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