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The Big Problem: Reduced Yield due to Stress

Once a seed is planted, environmental factors can start to reduce its full potential by up to 70%.

These environmental stresses can include nutritional deficiencies, water stress, high or low temperatures, pests, weeds, and diseases.

Crops can be impacted at various stages of growth with some crops experiencing the greatest loss early due to seedling death. Some will be affected later with flower bud failure, and others will be closer to harvest with grain abortion, fruit drop, or fruit damage. This reduction in yield impacts the grower’s bottom line and causes financial losses.


Environmental stress has been identified as a major issue in the Australian agriculture industry.

Stoller Australia’s Technical Manager, Domenic Cavallaro, has conducted numerous trials on one of Stoller’s proprietary products, Bio-Forge. Bio-Forge works to maintain the genetic potential of plants, improve growth, and increase yield in a variety of crops.

With favourable results across broadacre, field and greenhouse, and tree and vine, Bio-Forge is proving to reduce the effects of stress on a large range of crops. In a program with optimum nutrition, Bio-Forge can help to maximise the genetic potential of the crop. This will result in increased yield and profit.

“Bio-Forge has demonstrated again and again the improvement that it can have on yield across a variety of crops, which is really exciting. This is helping farmers across the country to get the most out of their crop’s genetic potential.” – Domenic Cavallaro, Technical Manager, Stoller Australia.


A Summary of Bio-Forge trial results

Bio-Forge on Potatoes*

  • Bio-Forge applications resulted in 23% more marketable tubers and 15.7% more marketable weight than the control.
  • A 7.1 tonne per hectare yield leads to a return on investment of $15 to every $1 spent.**
  • Bio-Forge can help restore nutrient status and normal plant growth.

Bio-Forge on Faba Beans*

  • Applied at sowing, the mean biomass weight increased by 19% and mean seed yield saw a 13% increase.
  • Return on investment of $4.8 to every $1 spent.
  • Bio-Forge can increase the natural vigorous growth of young plants.

Bio-Forge on Wine Grapes*

  • Bio-Forge can assist in regrowth of shoots after frost.
  • Applied on wine grapes after frost, there were 3.4 more bunches per vine than the control.
  • A 31% increase in yield lead to a return on investment of $6.25 to every $1 spent.


We Are Stoller

Stoller is a global company celebrating 50 years throughout the world and 25 years in Australia.  We are comprised of over 1000 agricultural professionals worldwide. Our mission is to cultivate a customer orientated agricultural company that offers exceptional value to growers and stakeholders through shared knowledge, continued innovation and integrity.

Stoller products are based on an in-depth knowledge of plant physiology, nutrient interaction and practical applications to increase quality and yield in a variety of crops.  Stoller are committed to researching:

  • How to maintain healthy crops and micronutrient levels throughout the growth cycle of the plant.
  • Establishing healthier plants which are more prepared to deal with the effects of stress under a variety of conditions.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, with representatives and dealers throughout the country, we are committed to manufacturing high quality liquid fertilisers, nutrients, and other specialty products that assist crops to reach their full potential.

Our Australian team undertake trials and demonstrations throughout the country to deeply understand the way our products impact plant potential in a variety of conditions. Stoller employ skilled representatives that work nationwide with growers, agronomists and distributors.

Our team are dedicated to understanding how crops respond to Australian environments and this allows us to constantly innovate and develop our knowledge. Stoller assists agronomists, consultants, and growers to maximise yield potential.

We have experience in and a deep understanding of a wide variety of crops including pasture, cereals, broadacre, horticulture, tropical, and tree crops.

Stoller products contain innovative proprietary technology that is proven to ensure optimum plant development. In combination with proper nutrition and good farming practices, the result is enhanced marketable yield and significant return on investment.


For more information on Stoller products, contact your local Elders branch.
*For more information on Stoller’s Bio-Forge trials and rates of application, please contact Stoller Australia, or FREECALL 1800 337 845.
**In conjunction with Stoller’s Foli-Zyme.

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