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The first choice for sheep summer drench programs

As the only combination drench containing monepantel, which delivers high efficacy against a broad spectrum of internal parasites, and with a new export slaughter interval of just 21 days, Zolvix™ Plus is the first choice for weaning and summer drenching programs.

Elanco senior brand manager – sheep, Dr Kathryn Humphries, said lambs, weaners and ewes need the best protection against worms for optimal health and performance.

“Weaners are particularly susceptible to disease and parasites,” she said.

“Lambs reared in moderate to high rainfall regions should always be drenched at weaning and then again at the first summer drench.1 For those born later in the season, the weaning drench may coincide with the first summer drench, which is the cornerstone of strategic worm control in south-eastern Australia.

“The first summer drench helps to minimise pasture contamination, the carry-over of worm populations over summer and create ‘low risk’ pastures for the next lambing. Effective worm control in ewes during this time can also optimise post-weaning recovery.”

In south-eastern Australia, the first summer drench is typically administered between mid-October and December. In Western Australia, weaners typically receive a summer drench, while ewes are recommended to be drenched in autumn (often described as ‘summer-autumn’ drenching).

Dr Humphries said the timing of the first summer drench will vary depending on the local conditions.

“For the second summer drench, worm egg count monitoring should be undertaken from about six weeks after the first summer drench,”

“Administer a second summer drench if egg counts have increased to 80–100 epg.1 If the WEC is below the threshold then monitor again four weeks later and drench if required.”

Dr Humphries said it is vital for lamb and wool producers to use a drench that is known to be ‘fully effective’ i.e. >98pc efficacy.1

“There is widespread single, double and triple resistance to all older active ingredients, including moxidectin2,” she said.

“Any reduction in drench efficacy has a direct impact on the health and productivity of your sheep throughout the year. Even mild or moderate levels of drench resistance can reduce potential income by 2–10 per cent (pc).”3

Investing in animal health

Based on a conservative gross margin of $150/ewe (excluding feed costs),4 it is estimated that a 15 pc reduction in drench efficacy costs more than $3/ewe in lost production, while a 5 pc reduction in drench efficacy costs more than $15/ewe in lost production.

“Viewed another way, the hidden cost of reduced drench efficacy is often more than the total cost of the annual drenching program – and that’s before labour is considered,” she said.

“Paying a few cents per head more for a drench that is known to be fully effective is a sound investment.”

Zolvix Plus is a unique combination drench that contains monepantel, the only member of the amino-acetonitrile derivative or ‘orange’ class of anthelmintics, and abamectin.

“As short-acting, broad spectrum drenches with different modes of action, monepantel and abamectin are ideal combination partners,” Dr Humphries said.

“Monepantel’s unique mode of action provides >99.9 pc efficacy against a broad spectrum of internal parasites, including single, double and triple resistant strains56, which means it is ideal for use if the resistance status is unknown.

“Its new 21-day ESI is the lowest of any combination drench containing abamectin, which means you can provide your sheep with premium protection without impacting your management or marketing options.”

Zolvix Plus controls all economically-important roundworm species, including AAD-sensitive immature (L4) stages of Haemonchus contortus and Teladorsagia circumcincta in sheep where a combination of a macrocyclic lactone and derquantel is less effective.5

Article written by Kathryn Humphries, senior brand manager Elanco for Seasons magazine. 

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