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The Power of Data on a new level, individual animal data – everyday

Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing products collect individual animal data to give producers power on a whole new level.

Data on every individual animal means powerful insight across the whole herd. You can reap the short-term gains of real-time live weights from hassle-free automatic weighing as well as setting yourself up for long-term profit.

Some remote weigh solutions provide farmers with a mob average. Mob averages can provide a great quick snapshot of the group, but that’s where the detail ends. A mob average of 50kgs could be an evenly weighted mob or it could be a mixed mob of heavy units and lightweights. Farmers are therefore back to the eye-o-meter to determine who the poor performers are.  Individual animal data provides so much more. Data collected by the Tru-Test Remote Walk over Weighing solutions lets farmers really see what is going on inside the mob and herd.

At any moment Remote Walk over Weighing can show:

  • the true gap between top and bottom performers
  • how long the tail of stragglers stretches back
  • a sudden weight drop in one or two animals across the mob
  • the heads up when cattle aren’t growing along the expected growth plane
  • the earliest point when feed input to growth begins to plateau.

Powerful data means powerful decisions. Individual animal data reveals a level of detail which drives powerful targeted decision making for culling, breeding, and market readiness.

Continuous individual data, enables you to track the impact of your decisions to see if an intervention has worked or not. Knowing makes all the difference. The choice is then – build on success or try something new. Effective interventions mean lower input and labour costs, increased productivity, and increased profit. Not knowing could mean throwing good money after bad.

Powerful planning

Extensive and intensive producers can harness the power of Tru-Test Remote Walk over Weighing. With a granular focus, farmers can work towards developing the most efficient herd, increase their business sustainability and invest in feed, nutrition, and health treatments only when it’s most effective.

With the current state of high global beef prices, there is no better time invest in a Tru-Test Remote Walk over Weigh system, drive up your kilo/animal ratio, focus on your poor performers and maximise returns. To find out more or book in a demonstration talk to your Elders branch.

Article written by Datamars for Seasons magazine. 

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