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The secret to Plasson’s reliability

How do you make the most reliable poly pipe joiners on the market?

For rural applications, you start with a fitting that can handle metric and imperial pipe. Then you design it so it can be installed quickly and easily, out in the field, on the hoof, without any special tools.

Plasson has gone even further. They’ve engineered a compression fitting that seals watertight the instant it is on the pipe, to their captive O-ring. By machine a grooving into the body of each compression fitting, the O-ring is held captive. This means it is less likely to get lost, contaminated or damaged.

All Plasson compression fittings exceed the pull-out requirements for Australian Standards.

Rural solutions need to be practical, adaptable and reliable. Not everyone uses the same size pipe so Plasson ‘s red barbed inserts are designed to accommodate all common rural pipe, metric or imperial as well as coiled pipe.

With captive O-rings, a longer body design and the red barbed inserts, Plasson rural fittings are engineered to go on and stay on and on and on.

These fittings are engineered so you only tighten the nuts to prevent the pipe and fitting from pulling apart or blowing out under pressure. The joint is already watertight so there’s no need to use force or tools. Over-tightening the nuts can actually put the fitting under stress so the best way to get a long-life, a leak-free connection is to simply tighten the nuts firmly by hand.

Plasson also offers solutions to connect fittings to different pipe materials and different diameters – be sure to take a look at Plasson Conversion Kits and Reducing Sets.

Article written by Plasson for Seasons magazine.

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