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The ultimate adjuvant for your summer spray program

SST’s Companion has been used by farmers for nearly 25 years and it has truly stood the test of time for performance, reliability, quality and availability.

Companion significantly enhances the performance of many pesticide sprays by:
 Acidification of the spray water.

  • Reduces alkaline hydrolysis (breakdown by water)
  • Pesticide breakdown will be reduced
  • Extends tank life of sensitive chemicals (OP’s)
  • Adjusts and buffers the PH to 4 to 5.

Reduction in fine and driftable spray droplets.

  • Reduces the percentage of fine droplets.

Enhancing spray coverage, penetration and plant uptake.

  • Beneficial for herbicides affected by hard water – Glyphosate, 2,4D salts, MCPA, Dicamba
  • Enhances deposition and retention.

Improved pesticide efficiency.

  • Reduces droplet evaporation when spraying in high Delta T conditions.

In addition, Companion has a stable formulation which does not fractionate in the drum. You can be sure that quality raw materials and good manufacturing practices are standards that SST undertake to ensure quality isn’t compromised.

Companion is an all-year round multipurpose adjuvant and assists with some foliar fertilisers.

Article written by SST for Seasons magazine.

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