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Tim Taplin leads by example at Peterborough

Elders Peterborough’s branch manager, Tim Taplin has been recognised with a national One Elders award for operational performance following his outstanding leadership within the branch and local community.

Having been with Elders for five years, Mr Taplin has been known to go the extra mile for the team and his clients, often drafting sheep or cattle on the weekends and presenting the best possible options for clients and the sale of their stock.

Mr Taplin organised the first on-property Far North Lamb Sale, where vendors from the district trucked sheep from numerous stations to a central selling point at Yunta, saving the cost of trucking stock to the selling centres. With this saving, clients were able to receive ‘on-farm’ equivalent prices for spring lambs.

“It’s good to be recognised for hard work and the award is a boost for the branch, because it’s a team effort,” Mr Taplin said.

Mr Taplin says he personally feels as though he has the best clients and team in the company.

The Peterborough branch has recently taken over the Hawker region and has expanded the team with a dedicated roving farm supplies rep, Angus Barnden.

Elders’ area manager, Jason Kirk says “Mr Taplin always goes the extra mile and makes the ultimate sacrifice for his clients and his team.”

“Branch managers essentially wear two hats; a sales person and a leader for the team. Mr Taplin has clients that love him and a team that is engaged and continually learning because of the time he takes out of his schedule to ensure they are getting the skills they need to be able to service clients,” he said.

“Mr Taplin always presents clients with the options to market their stock and receive the best prices possible, he’s brought the Peterborough branch back to life and sees the value in regularly visiting clients – even dropping in to stations with a fresh loaf of bread and the newspaper,” Mr Kirk explained.

Colleen Grove-Jones, Elders Peterborough’s sales support officer said she was thrilled when Tim won the award as it showed recognition for the work that he does beyond what is expected of him.

“Tim has encouraged and mentored us into doing the absolute best we can and acknowledging the fact when reached,” she explained.

The Peterborough branch team praise Tim for always having his door open, and willing to lend an ear or provide advice if asked.

All recipients of Elders monthly national operational performance awards will be invited to attend the annual One Elders awards later this year in Adelaide and will be eligible to win the overall award for 2016.



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