Tony Harrison recognised for influence on safety practices - Elders Rural Services

Tony Harrison recognised for influence on safety practices

Tony Harrison, Senior Agri Finance Manager, has been recognised with a One Elders award for his contributions to the business and influence on the safety of his coworkers.

Based in Adelaide and servicing some 110 clients in the Adelaide surrounds and Hills region of South Australia, Tony was awarded the One Elders Safety Award for his display of commitment to raising safety standards among his peers and within the financial services division.

Spending three to four days a week in the car to make visits on property, Tony says that travel is an inevitable and great part of his role that requires strong organisation skills and a keen awareness of the dangers of the road. For this reason, he has advocated for GPS trackers being installed into 4WD’s across the financial services fleet.

“I have the closest patch to a capital city and this still requires a lot of planning and organisation. Most of my colleagues travel further and on worse roads than I do,” says Tony.

“I have been an advocate of the GPS tracker as the provision of a 4WD vehicle is a great privilege and the vehicle should be respected accordingly,”

“The tracker is a safety device designed to keep you safe, by monitoring driving in case of an emergency to locate you – it could save your life.”

The newly introduced GPS trackers have recently been rolled out as a safety initiative to check driving habits and locate cars in case of accidents, with statistics showing that Elders agri finance managers travel on average 188,476km per month in total. With this level of travel comes risk.

Tony has keenly promoted the tracker among his peers, taking a strong stance for safety at all times and in all locations.

“It goes without saying, but safety should be everyone’s priority. I’d rather get to an appointment or get home at night ten minutes late than be in an accident or hurt someone else on the roads.”