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Trezac Arylex active now registered for Northern NSW and QLD

Editorial written by Corteva for the Spring 2020 Seasons Magazine.

Corteva Agriscience is excited to launch the next herbicide in the Arylex active family with the registration of Trezac Arylex active Herbicide.

Trezac partners the spectrum and flexibility of Arylex, with the power and residual of aminopyralid giving it the effectiveness required to control many of the key weeds in the black soil zones of northern New South Wales and Queensland. Dan Dixon, Marketing Director for ANZ and Trezac Product Manager says, “It is the new mix partner of choice for Northern cropping through its ability to bring unrivalled efficacy on hard to kill weeds, while still offering excellent crop selectivity, good rotational flexibility, and outstanding compatibility even with graminicides”.

“Through this combination of actives, we have given growers and their advisors the tool to control many of the most common and nuisance weeds, while at the same time offering the flexibility to customise the mixing partner and its rate to target individual weed issues.  This gives growers the choice to dial up the tank mix partners without being locked into unnecessary actives or ratio combinations which will increase the overall efficacy and residual weed control levels that suit their particular operational needs without needless costs.”

Trezac offers the control of a unique weed spectrum including thistles, climbing buckwheat, deadnettle, flax-leaf fleabane seedlings, and many volunteer legumes. The addition of a mixing partner is required to provide excellent control of some of these weeds with the grower having the ability to choose the partner herbicides and the rates to use.

In local trial work Trezac has shown excellent selectivity over winter cereal crops including oats and durum wheat varieties. This will allow growers to utilise Trezac mixtures to control many weeds that previously required the use of chemistries which could cause significant injury to these crops notably the sulfonyl-urea products, (such as metsulfuron, chlorsulfuron, etc.) or the picloram based products.

In addition, the older chemistries often antagonise the efficacy of grass herbicides. . The excellent compatibility of Trezac brings the benefits of spectrum and without the hang up of antagonism or the lengthy plant back intervals the alternatives have.  Compared to some of these chemistries Trezac has a relatively short soil half-life that will allow the planting of many rotational crops for the northern cropping system, the breakdown of Trezac is via microbial degradation in warm (>15°C) moist soils and unlike many alternative products (e.g. SU’s) the Trezac soil breakdown is not significantly influenced by soil pH.

Ian Corr, Customer Technology Specialist says “Trezac has performed really well in the trial work that we have conducted at our Breeza Field station in New South Wales and in other sites throughout Northern New South Wales and Queensland. Putting this product up against some of our industry standards like Stinger or Hotshot it’s great to see a new level of control on many weeds without compromising crop selectivity or compatibility”

“This year has been a bit unique in trying to physically showcase new herbicides to people, however we will have a virtual trial tour available very soon that can be accessed via our website”

Based on the weed spectrum, crop selectivity, compatibility and weed control offered by this unique product, we see Trezac being used as an alternative to many current herbicides including Stinger, Hotshot, picloram and metsulfuron based tank mixes.”

For more information visit our Trezac page on our website or call your local Territory Manager 1800 700 096.


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