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Upgrade your properties biosecurity with Waratah fencing solutions

A well-built fence could be all that you need to solve your biosecurity, animal health and grazing pressure concerns.

If you’re finding your conventional timber and plain wire fencing is not up to scratch, you’re not alone. Before contacting Waratah, Victorian livestock farmer Duncan Campbell was facing serious biosecurity risks with a high risk of incursion from neighbouring livestock and feral animals. Not to mention the sensitive riverbank areas and remnant vegetation that were being damaged by livestock.

“You can’t replace your stock overnight, so the cost of your neighbours’ sheep bringing in any disease vs the cost of good quality fencing is incomparable Mr Campbell said.

Mr Campbell knew the risk he was putting his livestock at by using inferior fencing, so he decided to upgrade his farming operation by working with his local Waratah representative on a strong and reliable fencing solution.

Duncan’s fence combined Stocklock’s Longlife Blue wire technology with the strength and ductility of Jio Star and MaxY posts as well as the heavy duty Jio pinlock insulators, for a high-quality fencing system. All products selected were ideal for the hilly terrain and high animal pressure Duncan was facing.

“In the past when we didn’t have good fencing, the stock would get boxed and we didn’t put cattle out in other paddocks” Mr Campbell said.

“Now it is as stockproof as it could be”.

The property now has a higher stock carrying capacity, peace of mind for stock security and is helping protect remnant vegetation along the river.

As Mr Cambell explained, “The financial cost of treating biosecurity breaches can far outweigh the cost of a well-designed fencing system. Talk to a Waratah representative, they do fencing everyday and have some great solutions that are effective and will save you money.”

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Article written by Waratah for Seasons magazine.