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Valor® Herbicide for long-term weed control in fallows

Editorial written by Sumitomo for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Early control of weeds during fallow periods has become a common practice with successful growers across the country.

The science shows that early control of fallow weeds can lead to significant increases in the levels of stored plant available water and increased availability of nutrients (especially nitrogen), with corresponding increases in crop yield and grain quality. For this reason, more and more growers are turning to Valor Herbicide from Sumitomo.

Applied immediately following the winter crop harvest, Valor delivers extended summer weed control in fallows without limiting winter cropping options the following autumn. Once applied, growers can have the peace of mind that weeds will be controlled for a long period without the need for multiple knockdown herbicide sprays.

The ideal time to apply Valor is after the canola harvest to achieve weed control for two to three months in fallow and still provide the flexibility for planting a range of other crops and pastures, including wheat, barley, triticale, oats, faba beans, field peas, chickpeas, lupins and lentils.

Canola is one of the only exceptions to Valor’s short plant-back periods, requiring a nine-month re-cropping interval when used at residual rates. This means applying Valor immediately following canola harvest is the ideal use situation as it is very unlikely canola will be sown in that field again the following autumn.

As most cropping programs are carefully planned well in advance, Valor can also be used with confidence following other winter crops where canola is not planned to be grown the following season.

Another reason that farmers are turning to Valor for fallow weed control is that, as well as controlling difficult to control species such as, Feathertop Rhodes grass, fleabane, barnyard grass, wild radish and milk thistle, Valor makes sound economic sense.

Even one application of glyphosate can be expensive in terms of time and money when tank-mix partners such as 2,4-D amine, 2,4-D ester or fluroxypyr are added. Whilst Valor plus glyphosate or paraquat is more expensive than a single knockdown or knockdown mix, the length of control achieved can remove the need for a second or even a third knockdown application, saving growers valuable time and money. Reducing applications also removes the need to find multiple safe application windows, meeting buffer zone restrictions and the need to have extra labour on hand on multiple occasions.

Valor is also non-volatile and can be used at all times of the year, even in herbicide control zones such as those present over summer in Victoria.

While Valor ticks all the boxes with regards to efficacy, economics and resistance management, it is the flexible re-cropping intervals that most growers are talking about, according to its maker.

As seen in the table below, several crops only require as little as one month and just 15 millimetres of rain prior to planting for crop safety. This means that when Valor is used early, ahead of predicted rainfall, it not only provides excellent control of summer weeds in fallow but also offers no plant-back periods that limit the sowing of winter crops the following season, including wheat, barley, triticale, oats, faba beans, field peas, chickpeas, lupins and lentils.

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