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Vayego® 200 SC Insecticide

Editorial written by Bayer for the Spring 2020 Seasons Magazine.

A new tool for pome fruit, stone fruit, almond and macadamia growers to control key pests such as codling moth, carpophilus beetle, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.

With a brand-new registration, Vayego® 200 SC Insecticide from Bayer is now available to pome fruit, stone fruit, almond and macadamia growers.

“Vayego provides excellent efficacy against a range of key pests such as codling moth, light brown apple moth, oriental fruit moth, carpophilus beetle, garden weevil, Fuller’s rose weevil, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.  Vayego offers a new versatile option for growers to incorporate into their seasonal pest management program” says Troy Mulcahy, Market Development Agronomist for Bayer.

Vayego 200 SC is a liquid formulation containing the active ingredient tetraniliprole, a Group 28 Diamide insecticide which is a new active ingredient to fruit and nut growers in Australia.

With over 4000 trials performed globally, as well as a rigorous trial program in Australia, Vayego has demonstrated excellent efficacy across the lepidoptera, coleoptera and diptera species targeted. These trials have shown that Vayego has some attractive properties that contribute to its versatility, safety, and strength in performance. One of which is the fact that it is active on all life stages of lepidopteran pests such as codling moth, from eggs through to adults. While the main control comes from larval ingestion, eggs can also be affected when laid on treated leaves and fruit, or if they have already been laid, and are then treated with Vayego.

Rapid feeding cessation is also a feature.  In the case of codling moth the larvae lose muscle control, become immobile, and cease feeding almost immediately after ingestion, giving the benefit of less damaged fruit. Vayego is also locally systemic which ensures distribution throughout the leaf, helping to maximise protection.

“The broad pest spectrum of Vayego allows it to target multiple pests within crops like stone and pome fruit.  In addition to controlling key moth species Vayego provides further options for regionally problematic pests such as carpophilus beetle, multiple weevil species and Mediterranean fruit fly. For some of these pests, Vayego provides a new mode of action and the short withholding period provides further flexibility to growers” adds Troy.

For best practice resistance management, it is important that Vayego is used as part of a seasonal pest control program that incorporates other chemistries with different modes of action. Trials have also shown Vayego to be a good fit for IPM programs, as it is soft on key beneficial species, including beneficial mites, when used as directed.

Over many years of trials, Vayego has also shown a high level of crop safety, both when applied on its own, or when mixed with a range of tank-mix partners.

For more information on using Vayego, contact your Bayer Territory Business Manager, local crop protection supplier or visit

Vayego® is a registered trademark of the Bayer Group.

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