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Waratah fencing – proven to be effective in the field

Feral animals can cause significant damage and stress to any farming enterprise and reduce property yields.

Dean Hague runs a mixed farming enterprise near Lake Cargelligo. Along with other farmers in the region, Dean experienced an increase in problems with feral animals in the area.

With ferals causing extensive damage to the landscape, crops, and to livestock, Dean explains that the issue was becoming costly.

“We just wanted to try and control our grazing pressure. Because our properties are backing onto national parks, we were having a lot of trouble with feral pigs, as well as kangaroos,” Dean said.

Along with multiple farmers in the area, Dean decided enough was enough and made the decision to collectively fence out the feral animals, forming a fencing cluster around themselves.

“We looked through every product right up to this Waratah fence,” Dean said.

Dean settled on a Waratah fence.

“it was over such a big area and pretty remote some of it, and we didn’t want to have to go back and keep maintaining it,” he said.

“It was a proven product, that has been around a long time and they (Waratah) were easy to deal with.”

The specifics of the cluster

The fencing cluster is a fully enclosed 210 km fence covering 177,000 hectares over 16 landholders. The cluster fence design included:

  • 15/150/15 Stocksafe-T® Longlife Blue® with apron to stop animals from burrowing under the fence line while also providing enough height to deter kangaroos from jumping the fence;
  • Blue latch posts, which made the fence easier to erect, saving labour costs and provided strong ground holding to prevent the fence line from being compromised by charging animals such as feral pigs.
  • Waratah high tensile barbed wire Longlife Blue® across the top, providing extra height to the fence to further deter animals leaping and jumping over the fence line.

All wires used in the fence were coated in Waratah’s LongLife Blue coating, which means the wire will have corrosion resistance lasting nine times longer than standard galvanised wire and 1.5 times longer than heavy galvanised wire.

Impressive results

After the cluster fenced was established the farmers saw a marked reduction in feral animals on their properties.

“We knew it was going to work.,” Dean said.

“We just weren’t sure how long it was going to be before we got the benefit. But, within six months we could see that we were starting to go forward, a year after the fence went up we went from marking 70 to 80 per cent (pc) of lambs to 125 pc of lambs, increasing income by a few hundred thousand dollars.”

Dean has some advice for anyone considering a similar project.

“It’s a big cost straight up but if you break it down to $2-3 an acre on your property, you can’t really do too much for $2-3 dollars an acre, but doing this could potentially raise your income by 20-30 per cent.”

To hear Dean’s full story, or to listen to other happy customers, visit the Waratah YouTube page.

Article written by Waratah for Seasons magazine.

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