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‘Warragundi Aggregation’ – One of the largest agribusiness enterprises

‘Warragundi Aggregation’ – One of the largest agribusiness enterprises in the Goolma/Mudgee region of NSW

Offering scale and diversity in a region renowned for its intensive agricultural production, reliable climatic conditions and access to all major markets, ‘Warragundi Aggregation’ has been listed with Elders Real Estate for sale by EOI and managed by Richard Gemmell, Mark Barber and Cam Ireland.

One of the largest agribusiness enterprises in the Central Tablelands region in NSW, Warragundi Aggregation offers appeal to an extremely broad market. Approximately nine aggregated farms sit within three holdings operated as a single agribusiness enterprise supporting the large-scale production of cropping, fodder, beef cattle, sheep, wool and prime lambs.

The combined aggregation offers:

  • 5,800 ha, 14,331 ac (approx.);
  • Outstanding water access with reliable 650mm rainfall;
  • Improved and natural pasture along with irrigated and dryland fodder production;
  • Breeding herd of Angus cattle and Merino sheep, culminating in a carrying capacity of approximately 26,000 DSE
  • Including 2,280 cattle, 2,640 sheep and an extensive list of plant and machinery*;
  • About 3,700 hectares of combined river flats and cultivation country;
  • 79 hectares serviced by three centre pivots and irrigation water entitlement of 1,014 megalitres;
  • 2,020 hectares of open and natural grazing; and
  • 3 homesteads and 3 cottages.

Working improvements are considerable, including machinery sheds, workshops, 2 shearing sheds, several sets of cattle and sheep yards, hay sheds, grain storage and numerous storage sheds.

The Mudgee Region is located just over 3 hours from Sydney. The Region has a dynamic and friendly community along with a strong and diverse economic base, providing opportunities for future business development and growth.

Richard Gemmell, NSW Rural Real Estate Manager, Dubbo, expects interest in such a large and diversified holding will be widespread during the expression of interest process, which closes on Thursday 22 October 2020.

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