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Water trading – November update

The Elders Weather rainfall outlook suggests multiple cold fronts with the potential to bring widespread rain over southern and eastern Australia will start 23 to 27 November, 5 to 9 December and 18 to 22 December. In the West the strongest cold fronts are expected between 7 to 11 December, 16 to 20 December and again on 21 to 25 December.

According to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, water levels in the Hume Dam have remained steady at 97 per cent (pc), managing volume requirements downstream. Rainfall early in November is expected to increase inflows and reduce downstream demand which could see water levels rise. Access to unregulated flows are currently only available downstream of Torrumbarry weir, supported by unregulated inflows to the Murray from the Murrumbidgee and lower Darling Rivers. With more rain expected during November there is a high likelihood of access to unregulated flows downstream of the Hume Dam.


Water MarketTemporary (per ML)
Murray (Below Choke)$95.00 to $100.00
Murray (Above Choke)$75.00 to $80.00
Murrumbidgee$85.00 to $90.00
Goulburn$75.00 to $80.00

Source: Elders Water Trading


Trading regionEntitlement TypePercentage
NSW MurrayHigh security100%
General security100%
NSW MurrumbidgeeHigh security100%
General security100%
Vic MurrayHigh reliability100%
Vic GoulburnHigh reliability100%
SA MurrayClass 3 (irrigation)100%

Source: Elders Water Trading

Murray (below Choke) Zone average Temp Price 2 September to 11 November 2021


Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

Murray (above Choke) Zone average Temp Price 2 September to 11 November 2021


Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

Goulburn Zone average Temp Price 2 September to 11 November 2021



Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

Murrumbidgee Zone average Temp Price 2 September to 11 November 2021


Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

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