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Water trading update week ending 10 February 2021

Widespread moderate rainfall totals were recorded across the south-east and central Murray-Darling Basin. Daily rainfall totals in excess of 100 mm were recorded in north-east Victoria and south-east NSW.

The risk of a delivery shortfall (when actual water use is higher than it was forecast to be when river water was released from storages to meet the forecast needs for irrigation and environmental) in the River Murray between Wakool Junction and the SA border over the coming week is currently negligible. The risk of a system shortfall (when the combined capacity of the system is unable to supply all downstream requirements over the full season) is being closely monitored in consultation with states. Recent rainfall has assisted in reducing the risk of a system shortfall this season.

The Murray and Lower Darling Regional Algal Coordinating Committee (RACC) has recently declared a number of red and amber alerts for blue-green algae in the River Murray System. Currently, a red alert is declared for the lower Darling River below Menindee Lakes and on the River Murray between Mt Dispersion and Merbein. Amber alerts are in place at a number of sites on the River Murray and along the Edward-Wakool River system.

Recent rain resulted in good inflows into the upper storages, with total active storage increasing over the last week by 42 GL to 4,217 GL (50% capacity).

Water MarketTemporary (per ML)
Murray (below Choke)$100.00-$105.00
Murray (above Choke)$90.00-$95.00
Goulburn $90.00-$95.00


Permanent sales / listingsWater Market
Dec:100ml x $6,000Vic Murray 7 (dry)
Jan: 500ml x $7,050SA Murray Class 3 (wet)
Jan: 405ml x $4,000Vic Goulburn 1A (dry)
$60/ML – Carryover spaceAbove Choke


Source: www.mdba.gov.au

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