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Water trading update – week ending 4 June 2021

The price of temporary water in Northern Victoria and the NSW Murray has increased over the past few weeks with irrigators purchasing water to balance their accounts late in the season, as well as ‘carryover’ water into next season starting 1 July. Trading restrictions caused the Murrumbidgee Valley to close to the rest of the Southern Connected system, reducing the market for sellers and the price of temporary water reduced accordingly.

The price of Forward Water (temporary water delivered to a buyer next water year) has been trading between $170 to $240 per ML (depending on trading region). Generally; the price of Forward Water is a good indicator to the opening price of the temporary market next season.

A buyer of forward water at this time of year will be issued a Tax Invoice within this financial year with the bulk of this invoice not payable until the water is delivered next season (and financial year). Clients may also be considering purchasing permanent water within the next few weeks as a taxation strategy.


Temporary water market

Water marketTemporary (per ML)
Murray (below choke)$115.00
Murray (above choke)$115.00

Permanent water market

Trading regionEntitlement typePrice per ML
VIC Murray Zone 7
(below choke)
High reliability$6,100.00
Low reliability$1,500.00
VIC Murray Zone 6
(above chocke)
High reliability$4,600.00
Low reliability$650.00
Goulburn 1AHigh reliability$4,100.00
Low reliability$525.00
SA MurrayClass 3 (irrigation)$6,900.00

Murray (below Choke) Zone average Temp Price 1 to 30 May 2021

graph showing Murray below choke results

Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

Murray (above Choke) Zone average Temp Price 1 May to 30 May 2021

Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

Murrumbidgee Zone average Temp Price 1 May to 30 May 2021

Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

Goulburn Zone average temp price 1 May to 30 May 2021

Data provided by: www.waterflow.io

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