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Wellbeing and teamwork the focus of Elders’ South Zone Health Challenge


A number of branches across Elders’ southern zone have made changes to their lifestyle and ditched the bad habits in exchange for more energy and greater wellbeing following the introduction of a health challenge running for sixty days this winter.

The challenge was built to engage employees in initiatives to improve their health, with the challenge awarding points for achieving health goals, making good choices, managing weight and getting active. Daily points were available for completing 10,000 steps, alcohol-free days, and for every 30 minutes of healthy activity. The challenge was held over sixty days with the idea being to create behaviours that become part of everyday life and go beyond the end of the competition.

The challenge started with 33 locations getting on board and included over 200 branch employees from all parts of the business. By the end of the challenge, the total combined weight loss across all employees participating exceeded a quarter of a tonne! Southern zone farm supplies manager, Paul Minahan, was responsible for pitching and running the competition and says that he was exceptionally proud of everyone’s effort and commitment to improving their wellbeing – even in the cooler months of the year.

“The real idea of this competition was to make healthy habits a part of everyday life and I think we have definitely achieved that and more,” says Paul.

“Not only have employees really focused on their own health, they’ve worked hard to keep one another accountable and support their teams to stay committed,” he says.

Elders Finley’s Branch Manager, Stacey Doolan, says that encouragement from her fellow team mates and knowing she couldn’t let them down, really helped her to stay focused.

“We all felt as though we were letting the team down if we didn’t get our points. I can tell you there was plenty a dark night we would all put our headlamps on to achieve our set goals,” says Stacey.

Naracoorte Farm Supplies Manager, Tom Williams, says that as well as physical benefits, the challenge helped their branch to band together.

“We have all become a bit healthier from this exercise, but just as importantly – with all the banter – we have become closer as a team,” he says.

The top performing winners are pictured above – congratulations and well done to Jodie Creighton (FSM), Stacey Doolan (BM/Agronomist) and Di Rutherford (SSO)!