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Women’s sheep and wool meet talk of the town in Darkan

Members of Women in Farming’s Darkan branch were treated to an information session earlier this month as Elders staff joined them to demonstrate how they can strengthen their sheep and wool businesses.

Held in a shearing shed on a local property just outside of Darkan, Elders sheep, wool and animal health experts took the members through information about sheep classing and selection, wool preparation and classing, how to read and interpret the wool market report, and what wool buyers are looking for.

Women in Farming’s Darkan branch president, Karen Harrington, who helped organise the day, said it was invaluable for their members.

“Our Women In Farming branch plays an important part in bridging the gap between generations.”

“A field day like this gives an opportunity for both experienced and new to farm members to get together to share and build upon their knowledge. “

“Having a local sponsor, like Elders Darkan, providing specialist knowledge on relevant topics to our business is invaluable. I would like to thank all involved in organising a great sheep and wool day.”

Elders district wool manager Sarah Buscumb helped to coordinate and present on the day and says she was really impressed with the interaction from members.

“It was great to have the opportunity to answer questions from the group and provide some value to their businesses,”said Ms Buscumb.

“As it was more of a practical and discussion type of day, rather than formal, there was plenty of opportunity to get hands on and interact with everyone.”

The session wrapped up with a group activity spent reading and interpreting wool test results. Members were shown a shearing demonstration and Georgia Adams, Elders Williams animal health expert, guided the group through nutrition and supplementation and how it can affect wool growth and contribute to maintaining staple strength.

The ladies were also given advice about industry best practices and what buyers are looking for and why.

The session was well received by Women in Farming’s members who learnt some practical takeaways.

“I came away with some concrete ideas I will hope to use in our livestock enterprise in the future. Thank you to the presenters for their time and enthusiasm,” said one member.

“I found the presenters to be very knowledgeable in their areas and the day flowed well,” said another.

Sarah added that it was important to have the backing of the Elders team of experts on hand.

“Having the knowledge of other Elders experts there on the day helped to answer questions and piece together the whole production chain.”

The bush telegraph is still well and truly operational in Darkan with Sarah explaining the session was a hot topic at football training later that evening.

“A few of the guys at footy training said their wives or partners came home and were buzzing. They really enjoyed themselves and walked away with new learnings,”

“That is what it’s all about.”

Elders is proud to work with farming families to share and deliver expert advice that can help to strengthen farming businesses.

The informational session was supported through Elders’ partnership with Women in Farming group and their network of branches across Western Australia. Women In Farming is a not-for-profit group of like-minded women committed to improving their knowledge, decision-making skills and management of their complex farm businesses. To enquire about joining your local branch visit the Women in Farming website.

For information about how Elders can help your sheep and wool operations, contact your local Elders branch.

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