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Everard, Marilyn and Matthew Linke

Wool growers produce a hat trick of 1PP certified wool

Superfine Merino wool is in demand at the moment, and in Australia there is none finer than 1PP certified wool.

Elders recently sold a remarkable three bales that achieved the elite status of 1PP certification: AWEX-id style ASF1E, on behalf of clients Everard, Marilyn and Matthew Linke of Glenholme in Victoria.

“1PP certificates are only issued to bales of Australian superfine wool of superlative quality, style and soundness, prepared in the best possible manner.” explains Elders wool business specialist Sam Wan.

“The approval criteria for 1PP certification is stringent and is carried out by a regional 1PP certification panel” Ms Wan said.

According to the AWEX definition, 1PP wool must be fleece style 1 (choice), eligible for the premium AWEX ID of ASF1, be 16.9 microns and finer and 90/100s count visually. The wool must also contain 1pc or less vegetable matter and be at least 70mm in average staple length, unless the wool is significantly finer, when a slightly shorter length is accepted.

The Linke family have been producing wool in the Tarrington district for five generations and have been Elders clients for as long as Everard can remember.

“I remember my dad taking his wool down to Portland in 1968,” recalls Everard.

“It was Elder Smith Goldsbrough-Mort back then” he adds.

“They’ve had a few name changes, but we’ve stayed on.”

Success is also nothing new to the Linkes’, having produced an incredible 12 bales of 1PP certified wool since 2015.

While a long line of solid genetics from Glenara Merinos at Dunkeld are a great base, it takes hard work, both in the shearing shed and all year round to produce such results.

“We have been doing our shearing within our family for many years, with Matthew skirting the fleeces and I have been shearing,” explains Everard.

“He does a double-skirting – initially by removing all frib pieces, then by removing the hind legs for broader style, the necks for dust and any bolder style off the neck wrinkles, and backs are taken out for plainer style and maybe slightly shorter, this ensures that the remaining fleece wool is even in style and length.”

The outstanding 1PP certified wool produced by the Linkes.

Elders district wool manager Andrew Howells has visited the shed while the father and son team are in action and says it’s just amazing to watch them look for the particular attributes in their wool.

“They are just so particular and are perfectionists with everything they do and the amount of patience and work that is required to do it,” he said.

“They are getting length variations as low as 6pc CoV and that is absolutely incredible.”

Matthew also attributes their success to a combination of a great season and the health of their animals. Their established routine sees the ewes with lambing receiving the most attention and a special program for the one to two-year olds.

“We buy all our animal health products from Elders,” he said.

“They have great prices and are generally cheaper than their competitors.”

Elders is sends hearty congratulations to Everard, Marilyn and Matthew Linke and looks forward to selling more of their superfine wool in the future.

Header image: Everard, Marilyn and Matthew Linke. Image courtesy the Linke family. 

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