Young judges compete for national title at EKKA - Elders Rural Services
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Young judges compete for national title at EKKA

Competition at this year’s Royal Queensland Show is predicted to be fierce amongst young judges and paraders as they compete to win a national title in the Federal Council of Agricultural Societies (FCAS) finals.

Approximately 60 competitors will take to the stage in Brisbane in the FCAS Elders Stud Cattle Parader and Elders Stud Cattle Young Judge competitions.

Elders national livestock manager Chris Howie said as the major sponsor of the event, Elders believes the young judges and paraders competition is crucial in developing Australia’s next generation of rural specialists.

“These competitions are vital in developing the communication and presentation skills and the confidence of young people in agriculture,” Mr Howie said.

“To be able to compete on a national stage and learn from industry leaders provides a great platform for young people to become involved in the agricultural industry.”

Mr Howie said entrants are judged on their skills and knowledge and their ability to justify reasons for placing the animals.

“Production systems and market specifications are continually changing, so the skill required to justify and articulate placements, are hugely beneficial across a wide range of agricultural professions,” he said.

Last year’s young judges winner Jake Phillips, said that the opportunity to represent his home state and industry was an experience he will never forget.

“The ability to accurately observe and compare economic traits of live cattle is fundamental in raising livestock, however the ability to explain those traits and prioritise them in front of a vast audience from a range of backgrounds all in a matter of minutes is quite a challenge in itself,” Jake said.

As a trade development officer for Meat Standards Australia, Jake said the ability to have confidence when public speaking and explain ideas and observations is paramount.

“The ability to assess cattle and place importance on the traits and merit that each beast has is extremely important to various roles I have had, and this skillset is something I feel will assist me with future challenges and opportunities throughout my career in the beef industry.“

The Elders Stud Cattle Parader and Elders Stud Cattle Young Judge competitions will be held on Sunday 10 August, 2014, at the EKKA Sale Yards.