Out and About - April 2017 - Elders Rural Services

Ross Celebrates 40 Years











Ross Whitenberg celebrated his fortieth year with Elders at the Adelaide Office this month. Ross is key point of contact for many across the network as zone farm supplies operations for the south. He has seen a lot of change through his years at Elders and remains an experienced, valuable, and good humoured member of his team.

Congratulations Ross and thank you for your service.

Robe fete

Senior SSO Rachel Kennet is a smiling example of community engagement, getting her hands dirty bagging potatoes with Elders Robe at the local school fete. The team sold 1.5 tonnes.


Elders Esperance with Agriclime

Agriclime is designed to help shoulder the risk of low rainfall periods with cereal growers. The company recently recognised Elders Esperance for educating and signing up clients and consequently adding significant value to their offering.

Read more here.

Charnelle Charolais Sale raising funds for RFDS







Main and invited vendors of the successful Charnelle Charolais Sale in Toowoomba this year generaously donated a percentage of proceeds from certain sale lots to be split equally between the RFDS (Qld) and Lifeflight Organisations.

$21,432.02 was made from proceeds of Lots on the day, equalling $11, 716.01 for each charity.

Elders conducted the sale and donated their share of the commission on all Charity Lots demonstrating continued support for the organisations.

Photo 1: RFDS (Qld) Mark Bell, BNE Base Manager and Ian Finlayson, Head of Marketing and Fundraising, Graham & Katrina Blanch – Charnelle Charolais & Paul Holm Northern Zone Livestock Manager
Photo 2: Nicole Bloom – Lifeflight, Graham & Katrina Blanch – Charnelle Charolais, Michael Smith – Northern Zone Stud Stock & Darren Hartwig – Branch Manager Toowoomba

GRDC Grains Research Updates Event