Out and About - December 2016 - Elders Rural Services

Esperance Community Grain 

This year, Elders Albany AFM Kylie Douglas, and William’s branch manager Toby Lavender, developed an emerging leader’s project, Esperance Community Grain, which resulted in the fundraising of over $3500 for local schools.

The initiative focused on encouraging growers to correctly declare their barley variety at the bin, with 10c for every tonne declared going straight to the school fund. The program was developed on the basis of findings that thousands of tonnes of grain is declared incorrectly each harvest.

This added incentive for farmer’s resulted in 34’792 tonnes declared and seven small, rural schools, donated to.

Ms Douglas, one half of the team behind Esperance Community Grain, says that the program was effective because it cost nothing but time yet had a measurable outcome.

“Each of the schools we dealt with were really keen to engage – even small amounts of money make a huge difference to them because of their size, remoteness, and limited funding,” says Ms Douglas.

“The goal of our project was to increase our degree of community engagement in a cost effective way and without favouring any one sport or club,” she says.

“With a little bit of creativity and some help from Marketing, we’ve managed to set up something that will build on itself for future seasons.”

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PT Elders Indonesia Killara Black Angus second launch 









This month Elders Indonesia hosted the second launch of their Killara Black Angus beef line in Bali, targeting new clients. Over forty hotel and restaurant professionals attended, hearing from Tony Fitzgerald and experiencing a cutting demo and sit down meal to appreciate the quality of the products.

More R&D for tech services

Key agronomic advisers visited Monash University this month as part of work with SST.

RE High Flyers

Elders SA/NT’s latest graduates of the High Flyers Academy – an intensive three day course to kick-start our new team members in real estate.