Agribin 48T Fert Bin - Elders Rural Services

Agribin 48T Fert Bin

Product Description:
  • Internally coated base cone prevents corrosion;
  • Steeper cone to self-empty even MAP/DAP
  • Ground-operated centre opening lid for filling with an auger;
  • Hydraulic operated slide/choke for controlling flow of fertiliser;
  • 48t. of Wheat 45t. MAP/DAP 59m3
  • Australian made and certified, built to ISO9001 quality standard;
  • Bigger Faster Safer; and
  • Agribin will deliver field bins across the eastern seaboard.

For more information click here to view the Agribin Brochure, or click here to visit the Agribin Website

Offer may not be avaliable at all branches