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Agworld software

Product Description:

Agworld is Australia’s leading farm management software. Agworld is independently-owned, which means that your data is safe with us and doesn’t get used by, or sold to, any third party. Ever.

With Agworld it is easy to share data back and forth with your Elders agronomist. You work on the same dataset so that you can see your agronomist’s plan or recommendation, and they can see what’s happened in the field such as your planting or harvest dates, spray details, etc, cutting out many unnecessary phone calls and texts.

Your Elders agronomist creates your production plan in Agworld. By joining your agronomist in using Agworld you will be able to see all details of your agronomic plan such as product requirements, budgets, crop rotations and more.

Your agronomist’s recommendations are available where they are most useful to you: in Agworld on your iPhone or iPad. Agworld’s apps work offline as well, so you now have access to your recommendations at all times – even when you don’t have mobile phone coverage.

Your Elders agronomist’s recommendation can easily be converted into a spray record with a simple tap of a button. No more writing down all details or trying to remember what you sprayed – the hard work is already done!

Create reports of your production data in Agworld to help understand what is happening in your fields and make better, data-driven decisions.

View-only version available for free, or choose a subscription to suit your operation.

For more information refer to the AgWorld website.