Alltech RAPIREAD - Elders Rural Services


Product Description:

Alltech® Rapiread™ packs a punch with rapid results, in-depth analysis and real-time recommendations. It embraces new technologies and innovations to equip farmers and feed manufacturers with the ultimate protective tool for the threat of mycotoxins.

Connecting modern hardware and technology across multiple devices, Alltech® RAPIREAD™ is a fully integrated rapid test platform that prioritises production performance and profitability. By providing actionable advice backed by data, we can now help you make more informed decisions to mitigate the threat from mycotoxins, changing the nature of business operations for the better.

The Alltech® RAPIREAD™ system consists of:

  • Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform
  • Alltech® RAPIREAD™ app
  • Alltech® RAPIREAD™ Data Sync Tool
  • Mycotoxin Management Portal