Apex Dual Level Reservoir Valve - 40mm (Incl. Floats) - Elders Rural Services

Apex Dual Level Reservoir Valve – 40mm (Incl. Floats)

Product Description: High volume inlet control valve for pump fed large storage tanks or reservoirs. Dual levers allow you to set minimum and maximum water levels which reduces pump run time, saving electricity and increasing pump life. Working Pressure: 0-700 kPa (100 psi) Flow Rates: 800 L/min (175 gal/min) @ 700 kPa (100 psi) Temperature range: 1°C - 60°C (34°F - 140°F) • Full flow operation, the pump runs unrestricted until the tank is full • Large UV-stabilised acetyl construction sleeve body • Dezincification resistant brass levers • One fixed lever and one adjustable lever to set desired water level differential • No metal valve seat corrosion • Fully serviceable