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BASF Sharpen

BASF Sharpen

Product Description:

Fast and flexible broadleaf control for all seasons.

Sharpen® is the latest very useful multi-purpose herbicide that most growers will soon want to have in the shed all year round. After first showing its value as a fast-acting standalone broadleaf specialist for fallow and pre-plant knockdown applications, Sharpen is steadily gaining new in-crop registrations, including as a harvest aid in winter pulses, for winter cleaning of lucerne paddocks and for the reduction of wild radish seed-set in wheat, barley and triticale.

Key benefits:

  • Targeted problem-solving from fallow to harvest
  • Reduces the reliance on glyphosate
  • Streamline harvesting with rapid desiccation of pulse crops.

For more information refer to the label and SDS.