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Bayer Avenge fly

Bayer Avenge + Fly

Product Description:

Avenge + Fly contains the first new active for spray-on fly strike prevention in 20 years.

Avenge +Fly is the only product in its chemical class that provides blowfly strike protection in short wool when applied off-shears, and in long wool (when applied between 6 weeks to 8 months after shearing). Plus Avenge +Fly is the leading off-shears product with 100% lice knockdown and four weeks residual activity*.

If you use the same fly strike treatment for too long, you’re taking a huge gamble. That’s why you should rotate with Avenge +Fly, which contains imidacloprid. So if you think you know Avenge, think again.

• Fast knockdown of blowfly maggots
• Higher volume, complete coverage
• Up to 14 weeks protection in long wool