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Bayer Sakura

Bayer Sakura

Product Description:

Sakura has set new standards of performance, reliability and convenience for pre-emergent control of annual ryegrass.

Sakura is a Group K herbicide that can be applied up to 3 days before incorporation by sowing. Sakura can be used to control weed populations that have already developed resistance to other chemistry groups. Where possible it should be used as part of a herbicide rotation to help prevent or delay the development of weed resistance.

• To manage or delay the onset of annual ryegrass resistance.
• To achieve lasting residual control of annual phalaris, annual ryegrass, barley grass, silver grass and/or toad rush.
• To help manage brome grass and/or wild oats.
• To increase the likelihood of optimal yields.
• To help minimise or simplify post-emergent applications.
• To help extend the effectiveness of other products and manage the cost of your complete rotation.