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Bayer Beta Breed

Bayer Staydry Beta Breed

Product Description:

StayDry BetaBreed is a waterproof lick powder nutritional supplement for cattle and sheep in the lead up to joining. It contains a quality range and minerals and trace elements for ruminants on deficient pastures.

Vitamin A: Essential for growth and vision. Critical for male and female reproduction processes.
beta-Carotene: Precursor of Vitamin A and vital for reproduction function and performance.
Vitamin D3: Absorption and homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus in the animal. Essential for bone health and regulation of immune cells.
Trace elements: Includes selenium, copper and zinc to optimise reproductive function.

Beta Breed aims to improve female and male fertility in the lead up to joining through:

  • Improved hormone synthesis for cycling
  • Improved progesterone synthesis for maintenance of pregnancy
  • Better follicle quality
  • Reduced early embryo mortality
  • Increased sperm production

When to use?:

  • Grazing dry pasture or stubbles
  • Grazing short green feed
  • Consuming mainly hay or silage