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Bayer Hy Cal

Bayer Staydry Hy-Cal

Product Description:

StayDry Hy-Cal is a waterproof lick powder nutritional supplement for cattle and sheep. It contains a quality range and minerals and trace elements for ruminants on deficient pastures.

Hy-D: Hy-D is more bio available from the diet than Vitamin D3. As a result, animals are able to more efficiently absorb the Hy-D and can then produce more of the active Vitamin D in the body.

StayDry Hy-Cal improves productivity by:

Breeding animals

  • Fills the calcium reservoirs in the bones ready for lactation, which reduces risk of hypocalcemia
  • Hy-D increases absorption and retention of both calcium and phosphorus.

Growing animals

  • Improve growth rates and helps build a robust skeletal framework.
  • Reduces the risk of ricketts in lambs.

When to use?

  • Calcium deficient pastures such as cereal crops
  • Animals with high rates of grain feeding
  • Building calcium reserves in breeder stock