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Bayer Pre drop

Bayer Staydry Pre Drop

Product Description:

StayDry PreDrop is a waterproof lick powder nutritional supplement which contains a quality range of minerals and trace elements for sheep and cattle in the lead up to calving/lambing

Vitamin E: Powerful fat-soluble antioxidant. Assists in immune system modulation, fertility and meat quality.
Vitamin D3: Absorption and homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus in the animal. Essential for bone health and regulation of immune cells.
Vitamin A: Essential for growth and vision. Critical for male and female reproduction processes.
beta-Carotene: Precursor of Vitamin A and vital for reproduction function and performance.
Biotin: Assists with growth and development and energy metabolism.
Breeder animals are prone to hypocalcaemia due to poor calcium mobilisation around the time of lambing/calving. PreDrop enhances mobilisation of calcium from the animals bone storage reservoir.

PreDrop aims to improve productivity by:
• Reducing birth difficulties
• Optimising immune system function
• Improve colostrum quality
• Increase survival and grow rates in lambs/calves.