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Bayer Trisolfen

Bayer Tri-Solfen

Product Description:

You can make a difference to their lives and yours by using TRI-SOLFEN®

TRI-SOLFEN® is a topical anaesthetic and antiseptic solution for pain relief for use on lambs following mulesing and tail docking, on lambs and calves during and following castration, and now for use on calves at disbudding and dehorning. Tri-Solfen can be easily applied on-farm as a post-procedure pain relief treatment to surgical wounds. It’s the first product of its kind to address the legitimate animal welfare concerns associated with routine animal husbandry procedure.

TRI-SOLFEN® offers the following benefits to lamb and calf welfare:
• Immediate and prolonged reduction in pain
• Reduces bleeding, abating shock and stress
• Reduces risk of bacterial infection
• Gel based formulation seals and protects, assisting in wound healing.