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Doralab Injection for cattle and pigs

Product Description:

Doralab Injection for cattle and pigs is for the treatment and control of doramection-sensitive internal and external parasites in cattle and pigs.

Doramectin is one of the most potent mectins and is trusted as an injectable for cattle due to its high efficacy combined with safety profile.

Pastoral Ag Doralab’s HDPE plastic packaging prevents breakages in the yards.

Pastoral Ag Dorallab Injection has a broad spectrum of activity. It was effective in the treatmentand control of the following species on cattle in trials conducted in Australia:

  • Adult and immature Gastrointestinal Roundworms
  • Adult and immature Lungworm
  • Sucking Lice
  • Biting Lice
  • Cattle Tick
  • Mange Mites.

Refer to product flyer and SDS for more information including withholding period and dosage.