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Lantern Forage Sorghum

Product Description:

Lantern® forage sorghum is the new benchmark in sweet sorghum.

A mid to late maturing hybrid type, Lantern offers sweet leafy feed, high levels of plant sugars and excellent palatability. A versatile variety for producers looking for pit silage production, grazing or standover feed.

It is also an excellent bridging crop into oats and this management strategy can lead to higher weight gains through better utilisation of oat crops and less scouring.

Lantern can adapt to both high and low rainfall conditions and has excellent silage potential.

Key features

  • Sweet leafy feed with potential for high dry matter yields
  • Suitable pit silage production, grazing and stand over feed for winter
  • High level of plant sugars and excellent palatability
  • Good recovery after cutting and grazing
  • Excellent early vigour
  • Displays good tolerance in dry conditions
  • Displays good leaf disease resistance
  • Versatile – wide cutting window
  • Suited to round bale hay
  • Sweet leafy feed to support high daily live weight gains in beef cattle.

Find out more about Lantern forage sorghum on the EPG Seeds* website.

*EPG Seeds, formerly Elders Plant Genetics.