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LG-Gold wheat

Product Description:

LG-Gold is a high yielding, AH classified wheat.

Target areas: Inner Darling Downs, Queensland and all of New South Wales.

LG-Gold has demonstrated superior yield maturity to Suntop, Spitfire and EGA Gregory with an added maturity advantage. It is well suited to an early or late plant with good yield performance across the planting windows.

It has an excellent disease package and shows consistently high protein and test weight along with very low screenings with low screenings in a tight seasonal finish.

Key features

  • High yielding variety
  • Early maturity
  • Well suited to late planting.
  • Strong straw
  • Consistently high protein and test weight
  • Very low screenings
  • AH Classification.

LG-Gold wheat forage oats is subject to Plant Breeder Rights.
Find out more about LG-Gold on the EPG Seeds* website.

*EPG Seeds, formerly Elders Plant Genetics.